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News & Notes: DPS reports two recent on-campus robberies

Two on-campus robberies were reported this past week, according to the Department of Public Safety.

The robberies occurred on Dec. 5 and Dec. 11, and no victims were harmed in these cases. Both perpetrators were reportedly unarmed and have yet to be detained by police officials, according to police reports.


Notifications sent out by Public Safety following the events noted that the perpetrators had worked in similar fashions, pushing over their victims in order to carry out the thefts while the victims were stunned. Although witness reports differed in their descriptions of the assailants, the two reported incidents were crimes of similar natures, both in the perpetrators’ methods and in the time of day when the crime was carried out.

The University’s Department of Public Safety was not open for comment, as both investigations are ongoing.

The University advises that students avoid going out alone past dark and, whenever possible, travel in the company of someone trusted, Director of Media Relations John Cramer said. He added that such circumstances are commonplace, since students stay out late to study. The University recommends that, in such cases, students should remain alert, avoid listening to music, and keep to more populated areas of campus, he said.