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Updated: U. students receive pro-Trump emails from white supremacist group

An undetermined number of niversity students received a pro-Donald Trump email from a probable member of a white supremacy group named “White GeNOcide Project” the afternoon of Oct. 8.


The email, which had the subject line “Vote against ‘NO CHILD LEFT WHITE’- Vote Trump!” was sent from a non-University email address by an individual using the name “John Albert Willis.” The email was addressed to the University community, stating that “Princeton teaches its White students that they are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support White Genocide,” among similar remarks.

The email additionally read that “Princeton professors say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.” Furthermore, the email stated that Donald Trump understands the threat to white people posed by diversity.

University Assistant Vice President for Communications Daniel Day remarked that the University was not initially aware of this email at time of interview.

Day noted later that “the email, expressing views contrary to University values, was sent to an undetermined number of people on our campus and apparently to other campuses.”

He added that University officials are looking into the matter.

In a statement released by the University on Oct. 9, Vice Provost of Diversity and Inclusion Michele Minter stated that, “The University deplores these revolting messages, which are contrary to our values and our code of conduct."


She added that, "We will not allow these hateful actions to undermine our commitment to creating an inclusive and harassment-free community on campus."

The individuals who received the email include members of the Princeton University Latinx Perspectives Organization, among others.

The email itself is nearly identical to a template found on the White GeNOcide website designed to lobby for a “Department of White Genocide Studies.” The sample email, like the one sent to PULPO, is signed “Educators and Students Against White Genocide,” includes phrases such as “Asia for the Asians, African for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?” and “Massive immigration and forced assimilation is genocide when it’s done to Tibetans in Tibet. When it’s done to Whites in White countries, it’s called ‘diversity’.”

Other phrases in the email, such as “Diversity is code for White genocide,” are also included in a list of “repeater phrases,” which the group encourages white supremacists to post on social media. The website appears to encourage emails such as the one sent to University students, providing information on how to mask IP addresses or write anonymously online.

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A representative of the organization, identifying himself as Steve Goode, stated that the White GeNOcide Project is unaware of who sent the emails, as they are a grassroots movement, but he does “agree with whoever sent them and thank[s] them for their activism.”

He added that that [“Anti-Whites”] hate us telling people about White Genocide because we are holding them responsible.”

“[Anti-whites] simply say it’s ‘hate speech’ and that we should be banned from saying it,” Goode said. “But if hate speech means anything you don’t like, then surely they mean speech that they hate?”

Another individual involved with the White GeNOcide Project, using the name “jenniferearlybyrd” contacted the 'Prince' via email, saying that they “ask the students and faculty only two things: Does the White race have the right to survive? Does the White race have the right to even say it has the right to survive?”

While the email sent to PULPO was initially put out on the organization’s listserv, other University students individually received emails from other senders. Forbes College resident Jamie O’Leary ’19 explained that she had received the same email from a “Jim Trenton,” but thought nothing of it until another Forbes resident forwarded a copy, sent by a “George R. Johnson,” to the college’s listserv, asking if others had received a similar message.

O’Leary is unsure whether only Forbes residents received the email, but noted that her roommate, who is not white, did not receive it.

Although it is unclear why the email was sent on Saturday, or why PULPO and specific University students were targeted, a post on the White GeNOcide Project website dated Sept. 22 appealed to members of the Harvard, Princeton, and Yale communities “opposed to White Genocide,” providing a link to the template used by “Willis,” “Trenton,” and “Johnson.”

Harvard students also reported receiving similar emails last week.

It is currently unclear how the attackers obtained the email addresses of students.

In March, a hacker affiliated with another white supremacist organization — the Daily Stormer — bypassed the University printer system to release anti-Semitic fliers on campus. The editor of the Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin, alleged during an interview with the 'Prince' that there is currently a white supremacist student organization on campus.

Anglin did not respond to an inquiry of whether this student organization is responsible for the emails as of press time.

The Department of Public Safety and the Office of Information Technology are currently investigating the incident, according to the University release.