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Former U. student convicted of drug possession released early, not re-enrolled

Former University student Julian Edgren was released early after being sentenced to five years in prison following a drug possession arrest in January 2015. However, he has not been re-enrolled in the University, according to University Spokesperson John Cramer.

Julian Edgren, a University junior at the time of the incident, was taken into custody on Sept. 28, 2015 following a drug possession offense on Jan. 6 of the same year. He was originally charged with 13 counts of possession and attempt to distribute controlled substances and prescription drugs; he pleaded guilty to all charges.

On Nov. 13 of last year, Edgren began a five year sentence in prison on one count of distribution/possession of 5-99 units of prescription drugs. However, on March 24 of this year, Edgren was released from prison after serving only four months. His sentence was shortened as he was released by court from the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility.

A media representative from the Mercer County Prosecutor’s office could not be reached for an interview as of press time to elucidate the circumstances surrounding Edgren’s early release.

The original arrest occurred after police intercepted Edgren while he was picking up a package from Frist Campus Center — a package that contained seven grams of ecstasy. Edgren also had five grams of hashish, 55 grams of marijuana, 60 Adderall pills, and approximately half an ounce of liquid LSD on his person at the time.

This arrest was preceded by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s discovery of a package addressed to Edgren that shipped from Hong Kong. This package was part of an operation that began in December 2015. Customs and Border Protection then contacted the University’s Department of Public Safety and the Mercer County Narcotics Task Force, leading to the surveillance of the package which resulted in Edgren's arrest.

Police followed up with a warrant to search Edgren’s dormitory, where they found psilocybin, drug paraphernalia, and marijuana cookies. The total amount of drugs found in relation to Edgren amounted to around $3,000.

Prior to his arrest, Edgren had no criminal record or history of violence.

Edgren was a member of Terrace Club. In November 2015, members of the club circulated a petition based on Edgren’s history as a non-harmful member of society to reinstate him as a student of the University.

Immediately following his arrest, Edgren remained a student but was banned from campus; following being taken into custody, Edgren was no longer enrolled in the University. The circumstances around his status change is unclear.

The University Policy Concerning Use of Illegal Drugs as detailed in “Rights, Rules, Responsibilities” states that penalties for these acts will be administered by the appropriate offices, which in the case of an undergraduate would fall on the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students.

The policy does not specify that cases of arrest would lead to immediate expulsion, but notes that the penalty would range depending on the degree to which violation of the policy adversely affects the well-being of the community or the fulfillment of the University’s educational mission.

Additionally, it states that the association of the University with the violator of the policy could be made contingent upon satisfactory participation in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program.

Cramer declined to comment on whether or not there is a chance for Edgren to be reinstated now that he is no longer in custody of Mercer County.