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Election results for the Undergraduate Student Government Spring 2016 Elections and Referenda were released this afternoon in an email sent by USG President Aleksandra Czulak '17 to the student body.

Pritika Mehra '18, JacquelinePan '19, Pooja Patel '18, Lucas Ramos '19, Miranda Rosen '18, Ellie Shannon '17 and Wendy Zhao '19 were elected as U-Councilors.

The applications for the remaining three positions will be released at the end of April.

The newly-elected class presidents are Andrew Sun '17, Brandon McGhee '18 and Chris Umanzor '19. Their vice-presidents are Nathan Suek '17, Anyssa Chebbi '18 and Susan Liu '19.

The elected treasurers include Caroline Snowden '17, Yash Patel '18 and Nicole Kalhorn '19. Elected secretaries include Nusrat Ahmed '17, Kevin Liu '18 and Carly Bonnet '19. Social chairs are Ariel Hsing '17, Adnan Sachee '18 and Chelsea Ng '19.

Two referenda were also voted on during the election cycle under new rules approved in the fall, which required a turnout of at least one-third of undergraduate students, or approximately 1,754 students, according to the email.

The referendum to form a task force regarding disciplinary reforms at the University, proposed by Justin Ziegler '16, failed to meet the turnout threshold. The referendum that the University should divest from corporations that draw profit from incarceration, drug control and immigrant deportation policies, proposed by Students for Prison Education and Reform also failed to meet the turnout threshold.

Czulak added that a townhall meeting will be held later in the semester to discuss the changes to the referendum rules and how it impacted the results of this election cycle.

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