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The Undergraduate Student Government senate discussed the Tiger Chef Challenge and the Princeton Perspectives Project at its weekly meeting on Apr. 17.

Ella Cheng '16, former USG president, said that the inaugural Tiger Chef Challenge will take place under the tents in front of Alexander Hall onApr. 22.

“Essentially, it’s Princeton’s own version of Iron Chef,” Cheng said.

According to Cheng, she had founded a campus dining student advisory board last semester to allow the student body to communicate with campus dining more efficiently.

“The hope is that this will be an annual tradition, to take the place of Cane Spree,” Cheng explained.

In honor of Earth Day, the challenge will also feature sustainable greens as ingredients, Cheng added.

Cheng said that while she is still the chair of the project group, USG president Aleksandra Czulak '17 will be taking over in May.

Pooja Patel '18, aU-Councilor,said that the Sexual Misconduct Task Force has heard from SHARE peers and athletes regarding what these groups have been doing to facilitate conversations about the sexual misconduct policy on campus.

Patel is a former staff writer for the Daily Princetonian.

Patel added that the task force will reach out to other eating clubs and create an infographic on sexual misconduct policy with less legal jargon that is easier for students to understand.

In addition to the Sexual Misconduct Task Force, there are also the Sororities/Fraternities Task Forces, as well as a Student Group Support Task Force.

“I think these task forces could be a really good launching pads for projects for the next semester,” U-Councilor Dallas Nan '16 said.

Shannon Osaka '17, Academics Committee chair,said thecalendar survey results will be discussed in further detailat the USG meeting next Sunday.

“At long last, I have received the calendar survey data,” she said.

Osaka said that the Academics Committee is also working to make Peer Academic Advisers more accessible for students. Making sure that students can find a PAA across different residential colleges in the discipline that they are interested in is one of the Committee's priorities.

Mary Heath Manning '17,Princeton Perspective Project chair,said her committee is working to continue the “Behind the Smiles"conversation series. PPP will also discuss the challenges that female leaders on campus face.

In addition, Manning noted that there will be an event during Reunions “to loop in another group of people.”Current students and alumni will have an opportunity to share stories of struggles and obstacles.

“There has been some discontinuity between ad-hoc committees and USG in general, and I would like to spend the last few weeks on campus to bridge that gap,” Manning said.

She encouraged USG members to attend the Student Advisory Board meetings.PPP meetson Mondayevenings at 9 p.m. in the USG office.

Benjamin Parks '17,IT Committee co-chair,said that ReCal had seen a spike in users in the days leading up to course registration. Parks also said that the RoomsApp, released less than 30 days ago, has over 2,000 unique users.

Parks explained that the IT committee is working to set up new infrastructure for TigerApps to allow for easier updates.

“We’re trying to make it easier to integrate new apps from other users so that TigerAppscan keep growing and be sustainable,” Parks said.

He noted that he has been in communication with students in the COS 333: Advanced Programming Techniques class as well to look for helpful projects. In the long run, hehopes to work with students majoring in COS who are completing independent work.

“The apps that Ben and Maxim have been working on this semester haven’t been touched in a year, or even two years,” Czulak noted. “There’s a lot of maintenance work.”

Correction: This article has been updated to remove a former statement from Pooja Patel '18 that members of Terrace Club and Ivy Club are to sign an agreement upon entering the club that their memberships will be revoked if they are found guilty of sexual misconduct. At the time of publication, Patel was unaware that the policy change is not confirmed.

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