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On Tap with Dorothy Tang

They say that for Californians, the transition from the sunny west coast to the blistering blizzards of the east can be a difficult one. We noticed, however, that one Californian in particular seemed to be faring well despite the drastic temperature change. That person was the women’s tennis team’s Dorothy Tang, whose bright smile and pleasant demeanor could warm even the darkest of January days. The Daily Princetonian sat down with her to talk about tennis, her home state and her vast assortment of nicknames.

Daily Princetonian: Where are you from and what is your favorite thing about your home?


Dorothy Tang: I’m from LA, and the constant smogginess is really awesome [laughs]. That’s so hard... my favorite thing about LA, it’d be the weather.

DP: If you didn’t play tennis, what sport would you want to play and why?

DT: Badminton.

DP: Creative. If the five fingers on your hand could each dispense a drink, what drinks would you want them to dispense?

DT: Water’s got to be one of them, because I drink a [expletive]-ton of water. Milk tea. If possible — if dispensable — boba. Oh, a strawberry banana smoothie. The last one: I would like … I don’t why, but I’m thinking sangria.

DP: What’s the weirdest story you have from being on the tennis team that’s PG-rated?


DT: My freshman year, I felt like the team morale was low. There were like workshops that the dance groups had — I went to a diSiac workshop, and they taught choreography to the Nicki Minaj part of "Bottoms Up." So I learned that, and I practiced that for a few days, and I got into my Tiger onesie and performed it in front of the women’s tennis team.

DP: Are you still capable of doing the dance or have you lost the talent?

DT: I’m still capable of doing it, but you have to give me time to practice it!

DP: What’s your major and what’s your favorite thing about it?

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DT: I’m a molecular biology major, and my favorite part is that I can always discover something new with my research.

DP: What are your favorite nicknames by which people call you?

DT: Oh, I have a ton! D-Tang, TBD, which means The Big D (because I’m very small). I was called the Energizer Bunny, I don’t know why. And D’Tang, (like D, apostrophe Tang), Tangy, Tanger. There are probably more but I can’t think of any.