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USG approves amendments requiring class governments to publish budgets, tables amendments to separate Senate and class governments

At its weekly meeting on Sunday evening, the USG unanimously approved amendments requiring each of the four class governments to hold its own monthly public meetings and to publish and report its own budget each semester.

The remaining amendments, which proposed to fully separate the Senate and the class governments, were tabled indefinitely.


In a vote of 17 in favor and four against, the USG decided not to continue its own Summer Storage Initiative and not to collaborate with Princeton Student Agencies. The Senate also voted against publicizing the PSA program in a vote of three in favor, 12 against and six abstentions. The Senate did vote to reconsider the topic in the future.

Jarrett Fisher, an assistant dean in the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students and director of PSA, presented a proposal to combine the Moving and Storage Agency and the USG Summer Storage Initiative.

Under Fisher’s proposal, the USG would communicate with the student body while PSA would deal with the day-to-day details including operations, logistics and contract management. He argued that together, the two organizations could communicate better with the student body and work more efficiently.

Fisher offered a two-tier program for the collaboration. The first tier would continue the agency’s pickup and delivery directly to the student’s dormitory room, and the second would continue the USG’s drop-off location. The cost per box for the first option would remain consistent with PSA’s previous price schedule, and the cost for the second option would be $11 — the same as the USG’s current offer.

“What we have to decide,” U-Council Chair Elan Kugelmass ’14 said, “is to make a decision about whether we’re going to essentially begin to commercialize this internally by hiring people to run this for us or whether we’re going to pass it off to PSA and let them take a whack at it. That’s how I see it.”

Chief elections manager Rachel Nam ’15 presented statistics on voter turnout in the most recent USG elections, including how many students voted in total and how many students from each grade voted for each position. She also inquired whether it is necessary to explicitly state in the Elections Handbook that candidates should not be able to reach out to students for endorsements prior to the start of campaigning.


The Senate also approved five new student groups, presented by Student Groups Recognition Committee chair Benny Wagstaff ’14. Princeton University Percussion Ensemble will give students the opportunity to practice and perform concert percussion, Princeton 3-D Printing aims to bring 3-D printing events to campus and custom print items for student organizations, Rhapsodes will promote appreciation for classical poetry, Whole Latte Love will foster appreciation for the brewing processes of coffee and Read Record Replay aims to spread literacy by distributing books to underprivileged communities.

The Senate discussed a $14,000 funding request for the fall Dean’s Date Celebration, but did not vote on it, as more information was needed. The Senate also discussed a funding request for Wintersession, its pilot enrichment program to take place during Intersession, but did not vote on it because the committee did not yet have an exact budget.

The USG passed a package of technical changes to its constitution in the second of two votes, with a vote of 19 in favor and two abstentions. The changes, which largely function to make various sections of the constitutions consistent, are effective immediately.


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