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USG votes to create transparency ad-hoc committee

In response to calls for greater transparency by members of the USG Senate, theUSG passed a proposal to create a transparency ad hoc committee at a Senate meeting on Sunday evening. The vote was 12 in favor, seven opposed and three abstaining.

Despite a thorough debate at last week’s meeting, the USG debated again how exactly the committee would work and whether creating a transparency committee that would serve as an intermediary between a given committee and students would be inefficient.


“For the average student who doesn’t really know about the intimate intricacies of who does what on the USG, I think having a committee that gives them information or at least directs them to the right person … I don’t think it would slow us down," said social chair Carla Javier '15.

Javier is also a senior writer for The Daily Princetonian.

Members of the USG questioned again how the committee would differ from the role of the communications director, which is filled by Richard Lu ’16. Lu said he saw many strengths in the committee, especially the way the committee would institutionalize how information could be shared with the student body.

Javier also presented an update on the social committee’s current discussions, including plans for Dean’s Date, which will fall on Jan. 14. The social committee is debating how to best allocate resources to celebrate the day, she said, and whether to hold its bigger celebration when papers are due at 5 p.m. or later that night.

“My opinion is that it’s better to have something at five since I think it’s better to keep some element of food and celebration or something like that,” Class of 2014 senator Charissa Shen said.

Javier agreed, saying that she liked celebrating the moment when all students have to turn in papers. The committee is still discussing its options, Javier said, adding that she will likely present the committee's decisionsto the Senate again in the next few weeks.


A proposal for a tailgate before the football game against Yale on November 16, called “Beat YaleGate,” was also discussed at the meeting. Class of 2015 senator Mariana Bagneris proposed a tailgate that would include carnival games, a Ferris wheel, food and music, among other things.

The Senate generally approved of the idea, but concerns were raised about whether the funding of this event could drain resources from funding fora possible bonfire should the football team beat both Yale and Harvard this year.They also questioned how the event might conflict with the Orange and Black Ball, which is scheduled for the same weekend.

Class of 2016 senator Eduardo Lima announced at the meeting that the first mattress has been rented in the new Mattress Rental program. The USG also unanimously approved a $12,443.20 funding request for Thanksgiving buses.

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