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Personal lockers in Firestone to be assigned to seniors this week

Seniors are being assigned new lockers in Firestone Library starting this week, according to an email sent to a portion of the senior class Tuesday morning with instructions to pick up their locker assignments.

The email instructed seniors to stop by the library’s Privileges Office for their assignments by Nov. 30. Lockers not picked up by Nov. 30 will be reassigned to students on the waiting list, the email said.Rising seniors were asked to apply online for a locker last spring, which are assigned based on students’ department and application date, according to the application.

According to Firestone’s website, locker assignments are usually sent out some time in September. Director of Library Finance and Administration Jeffrey T. Rowlands said that additional assignments will be sent out later this week.

Until last year, seniors in the humanities and social sciences were traditionally assigned blue metal carrels as they wrote their theses. However, due to a number of inconveniences — safety requirements, energy efficiency, increase in student body, accessibility to disabled students and access to wireless Internet — the library decided to replace the old metal carrels with new lockers and open wooden carrels as part of the Firestone renovation project, University Librarian Karin Trainer explained in an Oct. 14 interview.

Some seniors, while indifferent to the slight delay in locker assignments, expressed disappointment at the lack of formal explanation or official update of the situation.

Slavic languages and literature major Jae Kyu Lee ’14 said that, as of Tuesday, he and the majority of his friends had not yet been assigned a locker. While Lee explained he personally does not think this delay is problematic since it is “still early in semester and many seniors haven’t got to intense research level yet,” he said he was quite confused about the delay.

“I wish I at least heard some news or update so that I know what’s going on and when can I expect to get my locker,” Lee added.

Trainer explained on Monday, a day before the locker assignments were released, that the library was “still experimenting with the lockers.”

“Everyone who’s writing a thesis will have a locker very soon,” she said. She added that an additional 120 lockers will be assigned by the end of this week.

Along with individual locker assignments under new library arrangement, each student will also be free to choose any of the unassigned open carrels. Unlike the old carrels, which were shared by two or three students, both lockers and carrels are now available for individual use. According to Trainer, the new carrels have better lights and more electrical outlets and are accessible to students with wheelchairs. Six prototypes of the new carrels can be found on Firestone’s A floor.

The replacement of old carrels is part ofphase 2A of the Firestone Library renovation. The phase is intended to be finished by the end of this year, according to the Firestone renovation website.

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