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Five officers elected to Freshman Class Council

Nusrat Ahmed, CJ Harris, Luke Li, Nathan Suek and Andrew Sun have been elected class council for the Class of 2017. The results were announced Friday evening by USG president Shawon Jackson ’15 in an email sent to the freshman class.


Sun received 253 votes, Suek received 233 votes, Harris received 197 votes, Li recieved 174 votes and Ahmed received 173 votes. A total of 23 freshmen ran for the five positions.

According to Chief Elections Manager Rachel Nam ’15, 677 students voted in the election. Each voter was allowed to vote for as many candidates as he or she wanted.

Officers said they were excited to get started in their new roles and had a number of ideas, many of which had begun in conversations the candidates had with students during the two-week campaign period.

“Everyone is super, super cool,” Li said. “I’m very, very excited to work with the rest of the class council members and start doing stuff really soon.”

“We come from various backgrounds … so I think it’s really important that, at this moment, we start uniting together,” Sun said. “We want our class to be a lot more unified.”

Li said he was interested in bringing bounce castles to campus. Suek said he wanted to start a community service project for the class, which he said “knocks out two birds with one stone,” as the students would have an outlet to both bond as a class and give back to the community. Ahmed explained that her ideas were “fun-oriented that would bring about class unity,” including campus-wide service trips, paint ball and a “live version” of Free and For Sale Princeton in the form of a campus thrift shop.


A referendum in the election of April 2012 eliminated officer positions for the Freshman Class Council. Instead of consisting of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and social chair as the upperclass councils do and as previous Freshman Class Councilshave done, officers of the Freshman Class Councilare all equals.

“I think the five of us will work together seamlessly,” Harris said. “I think with sort of the purely collaborative group dynamic that the equally voted positions with equal responsibility and equal accountability provide, I think that’s just really, really ideal for our group dynamic and our group productivity for the year.”

Contributor Konadu Amoakuh contributed to reporting.

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