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Tower numbers drop while overall fall Bicker figures remain steady

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Tower Club, the most popular club for the fall Bicker season last year, saw its number of bickerees drop by almost half this year, from 66 students in 2012 to 34 this year.

The drop returned fall bicker levels to normal, as last year's 66 bickerees was a 75 percent increase over the 38 who bickered in fall 2011.


Despite the drop affecting Tower, a total of 125 students bickered clubs this fall, just a dozen short of the 137 students who bickered last September. The acceptance rate remained the same overall across all clubs, however, with 38 percent of fall bickerees accepted into clubs.

As in the past, Cottage Club and Tiger Inn did not conduct fall Bicker.

Ivy Club was the most selective yet least bickered club on the Street this fall, taking only 20 percent of bickerees, or five out of the 25 students who bickered, according to a source within the club. Ivy took eight of the 22 students who bickered last September.

Ivy president Thatcher Foster ’14 did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

While Cap & Gown Club was the most bickered club in the spring, Cap and Tower were equally popular this semester, with 34 students bickering each club.

Cap selected nine new members of the 34 who bickered, according to president Justin Perez ’14, for an acceptance rate of 27 percent, more selective than the 38 percent rate last fall.


Tower accepted 16 of its 34 bickerees, president Doug Stuart ’14 said. Despite the drop in its Bicker pool, the club took only five fewer students than it did a year ago.

The newest club on the street, Cannon Dial Elm Club, was the least selective of the clubs this fall, offering spots to 18 out of 32 students. According to Cannon president Connor Clegg ’14, 14 of its newest members are juniors and four are seniors. Cannon made more spots available in its second fall Bicker since reopening in 2011, yet was more selective due to a larger Bicker pool than last September, when 19 students bickered and 13 were accepted.

While the Interclub Council instituted the new multi-club Bicker system in the spring, which allows students the possibility of bickering two clubs at the same time, students could only bicker one club in the fall.

This spring, Cap accepted 95 of 199 bickerees, Tower accepted 107 of 154, TI accepted 93 of 117, Cottage accepted 93 of 140, Ivy admitted 73 of 120 and Cannon accepted 59 of 101.

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An email sent to members of the Class of 2015 from its class council last Friday informed students that Charter Club, Cloister Inn, Colonial Club and Quadrangle Club were continuing to accept new sign-in members for this semester.

Colonial president Katrina Maxcy ’14 said the club had 160 members as of Sunday. Approximately 15 to 20 members have signed in so far this semester, and Maxcy added that she expects 10 to 15 more will join the club before fall break, after which Colonial will no longer be accepting members.

Quadrangle has had 23 students sign-in into the club this fall, according to president Branden Lewiston '14.

Terrace Club filled in the first round of sign-ins last spring with 183 new members. The club then created a wait list, thoughpresident Neal Donnelly ’14 said at the time that admission would be a "long shot" for these students. The club has admitted some waitlisted students in the past week.

Donnelly did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Cloister president Paul Popescu’14 and Charter president Sam Halpern’14 said their clubs' sign-in periods had not yet closed.