Wednesday, December 1

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Baccalaureate: Bernanke offers Princeton seniors advice on careers, romance and everything in between


Ben Bernanke

In her introduction, University President Shirley Tilghman described Bernanke as open and fair-minded, traits that not only “won him the deep respect of colleagues” with diverse political views but also enabled him to “rise above the partisan fray in the service of both a Republican and Democratic president.”

Tilghman also described him as “one of the nation’s foremost monetary economists” whose leadership during the 2008 financial crisis has led to a “weak but palpable recovery.”

“As each of you prepares to put your education to good use, in the service of this nation and all nations, you could not do better than to look to Ben Bernanke, who has combined in his career the best elements of academic and public life,” she said. “We are proud to call him one of Princeton’s own.”

Bernanke joined the University’s faculty in 1985 and chaired the Department of Economics from 1996 to 2002. He is the current chairman of the Federal Reserve.