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My TigerPack helps Tigers navigate tent jungle

Steven Liss '10, the creator of theReunions Advent Calendar website, has launched a new mobile site,MyTigerPack, to help attendees coordinate and mass-communicate with friends during the three days of Reunions.

“I realized that one of the problems with Reunions is that it is hard to find all of your friends in a crowd,” Liss said. “Reunions is no time to get separated from your friends, so I created a mobile site to help us find each other at a glance.”

The idea of creating a Reunions-related website started with the Reunions Advent Calendar last year, because Liss said he realized he found Reunions even more exciting than Christmas. That site received 5,000 views on the first day, and because of the positive reaction to the site, Liss decided that he would create another website for this year.

As ofThursdaynight, about 1,000 people have signed up on the MyTigerPack site and as Liss mentioned, the more people that sign up, the more useful the site could become.Wednesdaynight, according to Liss, the site temporarily crashed because too many people were trying to access the website at once. However, he now believes that the website should be able to handle many times the previous data limit in time for Reunions events.

Liss first publicized the website by posting it on his Facebook. “The Princeton network is really passionate about Reunions. I knew it would take off,” Liss stated. The site has been more popular among the younger classes so far. The oldest member to sign up is from the Class of 1978 and the youngest is from the Class of 2016.

Julia Blount ’12, Liss’ friend, points to his enthusiasm for Princeton as a reason for creating Reunions websites. Blount, who has tried the MyTigerPack website, noted that Liss is a very sociable person. “He loves Princeton and his experience there,” Blount said. “It all comes together to create his Reunions enthusiasm."

Indeed, Liss has plans to keep the MyTigerPack website going for more Reunions to come. According to him, the current version of MyTigerPack is “the first iteration.”

“I had the idea a month ago, and I started building it three days ago,” Liss noted. He hopes to add updates and features to the website for next year’s Reunions. Some of his plans include better graphics, finding people by specific location and being able to look at one’s path on a map throughout Reunions.

For Liss, the excitement in creating these Reunions websites comes from the thought of bringing the Princeton community together.“I really like when I can share ideas through a lot of people,” Liss said. “If I can create something that brings people together, then I’m enjoying it.”