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Gift guide: Secret Santa

What’s better than receiving gifts from an anonymous admirer? Giving them, of course! The holidays are centered around the themes of thanks and giving, so what better to do than to give gifts to both the people you know well and those to whom you’ve been randomly assigned via Google Doc?

Personalized Stationery (set of 10 cards); $12.50; Paper Source, 82 Nassau St.


Personalized stationery can easily add some style and personality to your writing, especially with the quirky and cute designs at Paper Source. You could easily spend hours looking through all the different stationery, cards or notes here, and even more making your own personalized stationery. But your Secret Santa-ee will appreciate his or her newest set of cards to send out for the holidays.

Holiday Mug, $8.95, Gold Stars Tumbler, $9.95; or VIA Peppermint Mocha Instant Coffee, $7.95; Starbucks, 100 Nassau St.

The holidays are usually defined by cold weather and sudden cravings for hot chocolate, tea or generally anything warm. So why not gift your Secret Santa-ee a tumbler or mug and some instant coffee to boot? Spread the warmth — and the caffeine — to a fellow student!

Princeton Beanie; $15; U-Store; 114-116 Nassau St.

Beanies are the versatile winter accessory for your casual bike ride from Rocky to Butler, your casual trek to and from the E-Quad or your casual frisbee game outside. They can be a fashionable way to keep those winter winds from nipping at your ears.



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