Monday, September 28

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Gift guide: People you sort of know

Your mother calls and asks, “So what did you get Aunt Sally for Christmas?!” “Um, sorry who?” is your perplexed reply. “You know! Tall, long hair; she gave you a graduation gift! You remember Sally! She loves you!” But you don’t — at all.

What are you supposed to get all these random people that you’re supposedly intimately connected to for the holidays — your mother’s best friend from college, your next door neighbors’ daughter’s husband or your dog groomer? Fear no more — we’ve got you covered.

Princeton jewelry, $10-15; coffee mug or tumbler, $8-20; U-Store; 114-116 Nassau St.

Because we’re broke college students, the easiest thing to get everyone is something Tiger-themed and spirited. For that random woman who’s somehow in your life: Get some surprisingly stylish Princeton jewelry. Orange and black earrings, bracelets and necklaces are an adorable show of affection.

And, for that man whose face you kind of remember: Try a Princeton coffee mug. Whether the mug reads, “My first Princeton mug!” ($8) or is a classy metal coffee tumbler ($15-$20), you will probably make some random guy pretty happy.

Candles, $22; or wallet, $10-25; Greene Street Consignment; 162 Nassau St.

If Princeton paraphenalia is a little too predictable, I’d recommend stopping by Greene Street Consignment Shop where you can get nice items for a great price.

For her: I’d recommend any of Greene Street’s one-of-a-kind candles. For only $22, you can warm someone’s hearth this holiday season.

For him: Greene Street has a wonderful selection of brand-name wallets for a fraction of their normal prices. Leather options are available from $10 to $25.

Chocolate champagne bottle, $36, Thomas Sweet Chocolate, 29 Palmer Square West

If food is more your speed, Thomas Sweet has cool shaped chocolate that would amaze anyone you (may or may not) know.

The hollow chocolate champagne bottle is a great gift for the holidays that anyone would be glad to receive. It’s a little pricey, but well worth the looks of awe you’ll receive once they unwrap it.

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