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We all seem to have them. For freshmen, they make up the majority of relationships and for upperclassmen, they’re the people you’re forced to keep in touch with and make awkward conversation with each time you cross paths. You met them the first couple of weeks or days of school and initially spent all your time with them. These friendships grew not necessarily out of a real connection but mostly because they were the only people you really knew. But hey, you still kind of love them, and you still have to get them a present for the holidays.

The real issue is coming up with a gift that accurately conveys the nature of this friendship. You want to purchase something that says, “Hey! I like you! Please continue to be my friend,” but doesn’t come across as overly attached or obsessed. This can be easily done by giving a gift that anyone would like but that could have been bought for anyone. Refrain from purchasing a trinket that refers to that one awkward inside joke that wasn’t even funny, and go for a more general present. When shopping, look for items that would most likely please most people, and you’ll be able to find appropriate, well-liked gifts that will be perfect for that special friend you’ve only known for three months. 

Lindor Truffles Stracciatella Bag, $12, Lindt Chocolate, 68 Palmer Square W

Food is always a great option. The ephemerality of the gift means the receiver never has to wonder what to do with it if the friendship ever fades. Chocolate is perhaps the best choice due to its inherent yumminess. The Lindt Chocolate store in Palmer Square has a great variety of options for all price ranges, so consider the Lindor Truffles Stracciatella Bag. 

Deborah Lippmann's "She's Always a Woman" nail polish set, $25, Bluemercury, 72 Palmer Square W 

A great present for girls is a nail polish gift set. Deborah Lippmann’s “She’s Always a Woman” set can be found at Bluemercury in Palmer Square for $25. If you have the chance to venture out into the greater Princeton area, Ulta within the Nassau Park Pavilion and Sephora at the Quakerbridge Mall both carry an assortment of gift sets at more moderate prices.

Your own holiday "gift set," The World, however much you'd like

Make your own holiday “gift set” by buying a holiday-themed mug and either tea bags or hot chocolate mix and placing the drink materials within the container. Wrap up the set and you have a great gift on your hands that’s suitable for almost anyone. You can get this holiday mug for $8.95 at Starbucks, where you can also buy filterbag tea by Tazo for $4.95.