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Gift guide: Last-minute gifts

The time leading up to the holidays is always hectic. Sometimes amid this flurry of activity, things fall through the cracks. If as break nears it looks like gifting is about to become one of those things, don’t fret: It may not be time to hide from gift-less, disappointed family members and friends just yet. Here are some last-minute gift ideas to save you from having to explain why you didn’t buy those people presents.

Munchstaches Cookie Cutters, $11.95, Paper Source, 82 Nassau St.


A slightly more amusing option, these mustache-shaped cookie cutters will amuse bakers and non-bakers alike. This is a perfect choice to hide the lateness of the shopping process, as it is just odd enough to seem as though it required some thought or at least some searching.

One Line a Day Journal, $16.95, Paper Source, 82 Nassau St.

Paper Source is a highly strategic choice for last-minute gifts since it is easily accessible in a hurry. This gift idea is not necessarily universal but is a clever idea that would please any creative type. The idea of this journal is simple — it provides the owner with space to write a line every day for the next five years.

Wawa gift card, price of your choosing, Wawa, 140 University Pl.

A gift card is an extremely easy item to acquire, and the Wawa is not located far enough from central campus to pose a serious problem. Yes, this is a fairly generic present to give to the friends that have become like family. However, when extremely strapped for time, this is definitely a viable option. College students never say no to free food. Ever. This will always be appreciated, particularly with Dean’s Date — and many Slurpees and hoagies — on the horizon.



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