Monday, September 28

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Gift guide: Grandma

It’s not always easy to thank Grandma for those years of freshly baked cookies. The task can be daunting; she never asks for anything, and the usual Nassau Street staples seem insufficient. When you’re panicking in Palmer Square, try these options.

“Princeton University Grandma” Mug, $14, U-Store, 114-116 Nassau St.

Sometime after second grade, we stopped drawing candy canes and making holiday art projects during school the day before winter break. Ever since then, it’s felt a little off to hand Grandma a clay push pot and call the holiday a success. Even though you won’t be hitting the pottery wheel in ORF 245, purchase a throwback gift with this completely embarrassing, yet undeniably adorable, “Princeton University Grandma” mug from the U-Store. No matter what, she’ll appreciate your sweet sentiment and will love adding this piece to the collection.

Archie McPhee Ornaments, $13.95, Paper Source, 82 Nassau St.

No matter your age, decking the halls with Grandma is always a blast. This year, infuse some quirkiness into her more traditional style. These Archie McPhee ornaments from Paper Source will liven up the holiday spirit. She’ll enjoy hanging the eccentric “sparkling bacon ornament” next to the family crystal snow globe, and the “mustache” ornament is a fun addition to her traditional decorations. If you’re worried they might offend her more conservative tastes or that she might not appreciate the trendiness, Paper Source has more typical holiday options as well.

Ireland’s Eye Landau Wools Sweater, $159, Landau, 102 Nassau St.

Coming in all colors, this particular sweater is a festive pick for the holiday season. Be savvy and double-check the price tags if you’re not ready to splurge, though. While Landau is infamous for its $19.99 sidewalk sweatshirt sales, its woolen goods are surprisingly pricey, so consider asking your siblings or cousins to chip in and make it a group gift. Just hope Grandma doesn’t get inspired to purchase you a matching one.