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Instead of scrawling “Happy Holidays! I love you!” on the back of last week’s ECO 310 problem set and telling your girlfriend “It’s the thought that counts,” why not save the bickering that will inevitably ensue and consider this revolutionary idea: Invest in a gift that will indulge both of you. Not only will she be thrilled to receive either of these gift options, but you’ll also be doing yourself a little favor in the process. It’s a win-win situation.

Chocolates, $18-36, Thomas Sweet Chocolate, 29 Palmer Square W

If life’s like a box of chocolates, why not shower her with the essence of life this holiday season? Ask her friends about her favorite type of chocolate and purchase a small gourmet box from Thomas Sweet that's catered to her personal desires. Girls can’t resist a delicate handcrafted assortment of chocolate, and the personalization will render you an impeccably considerate man in her eyes. “Let’s enjoy them together” is always a good excuse for you both to indulge a bit in celebrating the holidays. And honestly, who doesn’t appreciate being luxuriously fed chocolate amid some warm holiday mood lighting?

Cashmere scarf, $42-98, J.Crew, 1 Palmer Square

Have no sense of fashion? Don’t want to overestimate her shirt size? Never fear — here’s a flawless formula for picking out a fashion accessory for your lady this year. Girls like soft cashmere things, and as a wardrobe essential one can never have too many of, the scarf is an accessory she’ll keep wrapped around her this winter. It will also keep you on her mind every time she wears it. Remember that simple classic designs are always safest, and J. Crew is quite a dependable source should you wish to venture into the trendy patterns.