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Times are tough. We are slowly recovering from a recession and unemployment is still though the roof. Starbucks is now offering a $7 cup of coffee and Twinkies are leaving for good. The apocalypse is upon us. As the end of the world nears, we might be tempted to splurge on that special someone who is always there for us and deserves a little something before the end of it all: ourselves. But just in case the end of the world comes in more of a 'Dawn of the Dead' fashion and your friends come after you in a zombie mob, remember altruism this holiday season. Discover the joys of DIY gifts: chock-full of thought, creativity and very little cash.

Late Meal Lovin’ Basket, $Meal Swipes, Frist Gallery

This one takes planning but can be accomplished in three days of Late Meals. Tailor your choices to your friends. Got a breakfast eater? Frist has a plethora of personal cereal tubs that will start anyone’s day off right. Pregamer? Load up on a bevy of beverages. Snacker? Miss Vickie’s chips and Stacy’s Pita Chips for days. Throw in an apple for good measure. Whatever your inspiration, remember that presentation is key. Use a shoebox lined with colorful paper and include a card. 

‘Pass’t Their Time Coupon Book, $TBD, Your Room

You know all those passes you hoarded throughout the semester that are now useless? Gather them and flip them over. On the back of each, write something you can do for the other person. Possibilities include but are not limited to: I will make you a late night run to ________________. I will listen to you complain about ____________ for 5 minutes without any snide remarks. I will proofread one paper (15 page limit). Get creative -- the more thought you put into the coupons, the more meaningful your pass book will be. 

The Real-time Timeline, $0, Anywhere You've Been

We all have friendship timelines on Facebook, but the time has come to separate our friendships from the Internet. Take a trip down memory lane and assemble a wall decoration or flipbook you'll look through in ten years with a nostalgic smile. Pick the most important moments in your relationship. Potential events include: First time you had a meal together. First kiss. First fight. Time you had the most fun together. Most embarrassing thing you have done together. Include pictures if possible.