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"Oh, brother." That’s what you might be thinking when you realize, now that it’s December, you need to start thinking about what to get your dearly beloved (read: lovably annoying) brother. Brothers are hard to shop for — they aren’t going to be satisfied with a pretty pair of earrings, and that video game they’re dying to play is much too expensive for you to buy. If you are waiting desperately for gift inspiration to strike, never fear: Here are three ideas for presents for your brother.

Twister: Chocolate Edition, $9.99, CVS, 172 Nassau St.

It is exactly what you think. Not only do you get to contort your body on a mat of brightly colored circles with several other players pushing and pulling at you while you tentatively balance right foot on red and left elbow on green, you also get to play for chocolates! In this special edition of the popular party game, every time you fall over or fail to put your “right hand on red,” you surrender a piece of chocolate to your competitor — treats come in the box. You’re sure to enjoy quality time goofing around and reconnecting with your brother during the holidays, as well as enjoying some yummy treats.

Princeton Tigers Pompom Hat, $30, U-Store, 114-116 Nassau St.

Everyone needs a hat, especially brothers who might claim not to know the purpose of a comb. Think of it as a kind way of saying, “I’ve got you covered, bro.”

Not only will this be an act of hygienic kindness, this hat allows you to show your Tiger pride and share the black-and-orange love by buying your brother some Princeton paraphernalia. And even for brothers with nary a hair out of place, a warm, cozy hat makes a perfect winter gift.

“The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook of Man Skills,” $24.95, Paper Source, 82 Nassau St.

This book, a self-proclaimed “ultimate survival man-ual,” offers “essential” tips for helping your brother successfully navigate the masculine world. It includes entries on “how to survive if you forget your anniversary” and “things bachelors don’t have to do.”

I guarantee your brother will outwardly mock the inane advice and guffaw as he peruses the pages, but also note that he might disappear for a bit into his room to read some of the suggestions and realize that you’ve secretly helped him out. Let your brother know how grown up you think he’s become in the time you’ve been apart.