Tuesday, January 26

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Members of task force selected to address long-term transit needs in Borough, Township

Princeton Borough, Princeton Township and the University have each selected representatives for a six-member transit task force and the nine-member board of trustees for the Mass Transit Trust Fund. The task force members will study, evaluate and make recommendations concerning long-term transit needs of the Princeton community, especially in light of the development of the Arts and Transit Neighborhood. The trust fund trustees will be charged with planning and implementing improvements to the transit system in Princeton.


From the University, Kristin Appelget, director of community and regional affairs, and Kim Jackson, director of transportation and parking services, will serve on the task force and were also appointed as trustees of the trust fund along with Karen Jezierny, director of public affairs. All three were appointed by University Vice President and Secretary Robert Durkee ’69.

From the Borough, council president Kevin Wilkes ’83 and councilman Roger Martindell will serve on the task force while councilwoman Jenny Crumiller, Borough administrator Robert Bruschi and Anton Lahnston will serve as trustees of the trust fund. From the Township, Mayor Chad Goerner and committeeman Lance Liverman will serve on the task force.

The funding for the task force will come from the University as well as the municipalities, with the University contributing 50 percent and the municipalities each contributing 25 percent. According to Durkee, the exact amount the University will be providing has not been determined as the municipalities must first determine how much they are each willing to contribute.

The trust fund will be initially funded by the University with a $100,000 contribution and an additional $400,000 contribution when the Arts and Transit Neighborhood gets approval from the Planning Board.

Although meetings have yet to be established for either the task force or the trust fund, Durkee noted that “the first assignment will probably be to create a request for proposals, then decide what they want outside consultants to do."

"My guess is that this will be a very collaborative process,” he said.


Throughout the process, Martindell explained, he would like to see the University help with “design ideas, resources and commitment to working on mass transit and protecting and enhancing the right of ways in the neighborhoods around University Place and Alexander Road.”

Appelget wrote in an email that she is “looking forward to the opportunity to work with the community leaders to discuss mass transit options as it is a mutual interest of the University and the community to improve mass transit ... This task force and trust fund, I believe, will give renewed focus and energy to the discussions and provide opportunities to make progress in addressing community needs.”

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