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USG names academic life project members

Newly selected members of Project ALTA were announced at the USG Senate meeting held at the Department of Public Safety building at 200 Elm Drive on Sunday night.

The members include USG vice president Catherine Ettman ’13, USG executive analyst Shyam Modi ’14, USG academics chair Steven Rosen ’13, Rafael Grinberg '12, Emily Levy ’13, Alexis Morin ’12 and Rebecca Scharfstein ’12. The project will be chaired by USG president Michael Yaroshefsky ’12.


Public Safety Sergeant for Community Relations Sean Ryder welcomed the Senate to the Public Safety building, emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the students and Public Safety. The meeting was followed by a tour of the building.

“We want to make sure that we’re hearing the needs of the community properly and that our actions are aligned with your expectations,” said Ryder. “There is a lot of uncertainty about recent developments and hopefully I will be able to answer these myths during the tour.”  

Last week, Public Safety announced that they would be involving the Borough Police in all alcohol calls on the Street, prompting concerns over student safety and their willingness to call for help when it is needed.

During the meeting, U-Councilor Merik Mulcahy ’13 presented the progress of COMBO III. He discussed his findings from evaluations of previous COMBO surveys, noting that “there were a lot of opportunities for change.” Mulcahy emphasized the group’s goal of creating a more stable foundation for the study to ensure the longevity of the project.

The Senate also discussed other ongoing projects, including improvements to student websites including Point and TigerApps, as well as an affordable summer storage option for students who live far away from the University. These projects were presented by Class of 2012 senator Julie Chang and senior executive secretary Hae Bin Kim ’13, respectively.

Jack Ching ’13 of the Student Groups Recognition Committee also sought recognition for four student groups on campus, three of which were approved by the USG Senate. Voting on one group was tabled.


The Princeton University Brass Ensemble, a small group featuring all brass instruments, was approved unanimously by the Senate. The Brass Ensemble’s small size will allow this particular group to perform in more unconventional venues such as arches.

Princeton Tarana, a group specifically dedicated to South Asian music, was also approved following a short discussion on the group. This group will add a musical dimension to the South Asian performing culture currently represented by Princeton South Asia Theatrics, South Asian Students Association and Naacho.

The Princeton Chapter of Quest Scholars program was also approved. The chapter will not only include the students currently affiliated with the national Quest Scholars program, but will also host events that include students outside of the program who might be interested in issues involving socioeconomic status and college access.

Approval of the Princeton Analytics Group, a proposed student-run, pro bono consulting group, was postponed until after further discussion.

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The final presentation of the night came from campus and community affairs chair Stephen Stolzenberg ’13, who discussed course evaluations across Ivy League schools. He emphasized the need to interpret course evaluations in a meaningful way and compared the Integrated Course Engine and SCORE to the Q, Harvard’s course evaluation site.

Stolzenberg, the USG representative to the Council of the Princeton University Community, will be presenting to the Council at 4:30 p.m. on Monday at 010 East Pyne.