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Yaroshefsky ’12 overwhelmingly reelected as USG president

The race for vice president will advance to a runoff this week between Catherine Ettman ’13 and Austin Hollimon ’12, as none of the four candidates received a majority of the votes. Ettman, a Class of 2013 senator, received 931 votes, and Hollimon, a former Class of 2012 treasurer, received 463. Anthony Pappenfus ’13, the USG communications director, received 415 votes, and U-Councilor Carter Greenbaum ’12 received 327 votes. Pappenfus is also on the design staff of The Daily Princetonian.

The vice presidential race is the only one going to a runoff.


Yaroshefsky, who will be the first student to serve consecutive terms as USG president in more than 15 years, said in an e-mail that he was honored to be re-elected and “especially excited given what this means for our ability to begin planning immediately for next year and avoid both the lame duck period at the end of one term and the substantial learning curve at the beginning of the next.”

Yaroshefsky also praised Korbel for “her ideas about campus and for her moxie to campaign.”

“I’m very happy with the results of the election,” Korbel said in an e-mail. “I got people talking about issues that I feel very passionately about and met so many amazing individuals along the way.”

In the coming days, Hollimon said he will continue to campaign, focusing on implementing a University community service referendum, increasing school spirit and pushing for cable television to be included in room fees.

“I’m just going to continue to reiterate these issues to the public at-large and to my opponent,” Hollimon said in an e-mail. “Tackling these issues is all that matters to me and I just want the student body to know I’m a candidate who is constantly on the lookout for where USG can make campus life easier.”

Like Hollimon, Ettman said she will continue to campaign. “I plan to continue speaking with students one-on-one about their concerns and ideas, put up a few more flyers around campus and encourage people to vote,” she said in an e-mail.


Pappenfus said that he wished both candidates luck in the runoff.

“While I have and always will respect the goals and initiatives of USG, I think I may have exhausted my candidacy for the time being,” he said of his own campaign.

Greenbaum did not return a request for comment.

Lillian Cartwright ’14 was elected USG treasurer, receiving 1,211 votes, while opponent Gates Torrey ’13 got 596 votes.

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Cartwright said that the vote counts were not important and that she hoped to live up to her supporters’ expectations. “I really wanted to become involved on campus, and I feel like this is an area where I can make the greatest contribution,” she said in an e-mail.

Steven Rosen ’13, who is currently campus and community affairs chair, earned 1,438 votes in the race for academics chair. He defeated Christiana Renfro ’13, who received 528 votes

Rosen said he looks forward to working with Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel during her last semester and with her successor next fall. “I see this transition as a great opportunity for students to voice their concerns and for us to implement real positive change,” he said in an e-mail.

Stephen Stolzenberg ’13, who will replace Rosen as campus and community affairs chair, ran unopposed for the position and received 1,868 votes.

USG projects manager Adi Rajagopalan ’13, who also ran unopposed, was elected undergraduate life committee chair with 1,841 votes. Rajagopalan is also a member of the ‘Prince’ editorial board.

Julie Chang and Flavia Brancusi won re-election as Class of 2012 senators, receiving 367 and 247 votes respectively. Both were incumbents and ran unchallenged.

Bruce Easop joined incumbent Andrew Blumenfeld as a Class of 2013 senator. Blumenfeld received 287 votes, Easop received 253 votes, and the only other candidate, former Class of 2013 vice president Gabrielle Cole, received 249 votes. Easop is also a staff writer for the ‘Prince.’

The closest margin of the election came in the 15-candidate race for Class of 2014 senator. Dillon Sharp and Dylan Ackerman were selected with 199 and 153 votes, respectively, and Charissa Shen narrowly missed election with 152 votes. 

Less than half the undergraduate population voted in the presidential election, with only 2,185 votes cast. Each of the other races saw even lower participation. 

The runoff election for vice president begins today at noon. The ballot will also feature a referendum on the sale of hummus on campus.