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Yaroshefsky ’12 elected USG president in runoff

USG IT Committee chair Michael Yaroshefsky '12 narrowly won the runoff for USG president with 51.3 percent of the vote, defeating USG executive secretary Jack Altman '11. Yaroshefsky garnered 785 votes, while Altman received 744.

Sam Dorison '11 will serve as vice president with Yaroshefsky. Though Dorison originally ran on a ticket with Altman, he decided not to endorse either presidential candidate in the runoff.


In the initial round of voting, Yaroshefsky took 44 percent of the vote while Altman came in a close second with 40 percent. The third candidate, Jack Lindeman '11, finished a distant third with 16 percent of the vote.

In the only other runoff in this USG election cycle, Steven Rosen '13 defeated Caitlin Downey '13 to become USG campus and community affairs chair. Rosen won with 55 percent of the vote.

On his campaign website,, Yaroshefsky listed 24 initiatives he would like to pursue as USG president, ranging from dealing with grade deflation to sponsoring tailgates to improving the quality of toilet paper.

His website also includes plans to create a “Best of Princeton” blog, where students can exchange information about various classes and make suggestions to other students.

Grade deflation, one of Yaroshefsky’s banner issues, would also be linked to technology. Yaroshefsky said he hopes to be able to establish a database of institutions familiar with Princeton’s grade deflation policy so that students can know where Princeton’s policy is known and where the message needs to be spread.

He also hopes to establish “Firestone Video Chats,” emulating former U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt’s famed radio-broadcast fireside chats, in an effort to provide general updates for students.