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Faculty approves evening class time change for 29 courses

Prompted by a recommendation from the Varsity Student Athlete Advisory Committee, the faculty approved a policy May 1 that will delay the starting time for some evening classes from 7 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

In a campus-wide e-mail yesterday, Acting Registrar Joseph Greenberg — who is secretary of the Faculty Committee on Classrooms and Schedules — said the change was made to give students more time to participate in extracurricular activities and eat dinner before evening classes.


Evening meetings of courses with multiple sections, however, will still start at 7 p.m. because students can attend alternate sections during the day, Greenberg said. "There was some concern that 10:30 p.m. was late," he said. "We wanted to address the most pressing issue of students who had no choice."

The time change will affect a total of 39 precepts, seminars, laboratories and lectures in 29 courses.