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New vice president post

We would like to welcome new Vice President for Campus Life Janet Dickerson to the University community. Dickerson will fill the place of former Dean of Student Life Janina Montero, who left Princeton for Brown University this fall. During her seven years here, Montero was instrumental in dealing with controversial issues such as the cancellation of the Nude Olympics, the closing of Stevenson Hall and the trustee alcohol initiative. Her relentless efforts to maintain close contact with students have left Dickerson big shoes to fill. And the University just made those shoes a size larger.

Dickerson's new position is mammoth in its scope, with responsibilities involving graduate students, the residential colleges and the new Frist Campus Center. As evidenced by her commitment to student groups at Duke University, Dickerson commands an ability to communicate effectively with students. Accordingly, we hope that Princeton's decision to expand the role of the Dean of Student Life to Vice President for Campus Life does not undermine her ability to work directly with the student body. Though the new position was created to avoid overlap with Kathleen Deignan's position as Dean of Undergraduate Students, we hope that both these administrators will work together specifically on improving the quality of undergraduate life at the University.


President Shapiro calls the vice presidential post "a very important policy-level appointment." Dickerson's office may well become a pivotal part of University decision-making. We hope, however that the administrative responsibilities of the new office will not distract Dickerson from her equally important commitment to students.

Dickerson appears highly conscious of her new position's role in shaping undergraduate life and has already articulated that her first goal will be to get to know the student body. Indeed, communicating directly with students, and, in the process, building close relationships with them will help Dickerson start off on the right foot at the University. We wish Vice President Dickerson the best of luck and looking forward to meeting her in the coming months.