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After violating the club alcohol policy, Cloister forbidden to serve until April

Cloister Inn was taken off tap last weekend by the club's graduate board, according to club president Maura George '01. No alcohol will be allowed in the club until the April 7 meeting of the board.

The serving of alcohol was suspended in response to the unauthorized the serving of hard alcohol during a club event in violation of the Cloister alcohol policy, George said.



Cloister members held a meeting Saturday with several members of the graduate board to discuss the situation. "It was a good way for both sides to get together and clear up the rumors and misunderstandings," Cloister vice president Marc Flickinger '01 said.

John Chludzinski '85, a member of the Cloister graduate board, explained, "At the moment, Cloister Inn is not serving alcohol." He declined to comment further on the issue pending the April 7 meeting.

George said that while the decision to suspend service of alcohol in the club was unfortunate, she believes the graduate board is acting in the best interests of the club. "They're very concerned about the members' safety and their own liabilities," she said.

Though the club is unable to serve alcohol, George does not believe the popularity of the club will diminish. "We have a great group and members," she said. "A few weekends off tap will not cause any permanent damage."

Cloister will host several non-alcoholic events in the next few weeks, according to George. "We have a lot of great events planned. We have a coffee shop on this Friday night. [We'll have] an open mic and a great acoustic guitarist," she said. "We will still have fun without alcohol."