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Princeton is not even no. 4 in hook-up poll

The college applicant can easily find many college and university rankings that weigh academics, faculty-student ratios or money spent per student. But these rankings fail to take into account what some consider to be an important factor when selecting a college, a factor that places certain schools above other peer institutions — hookup potential.

While Princeton students can get a good estimate from one night at the 'Street,' students can now get a quantitative assessment of the 'potential for play' by visiting


Princeton was rated 5.60 in terms of hookup factor, placing it 231 out of the 354 schools ranked in the survey.

University of Mississippi topped the list with LeTournea University in Texas placing last.

According to the survey, Princeton was ranked 217 overall in terms of good-looking guys and 229 in terms of good-looking girls.

Whitworth University in Spokane, Wash., was named the best-looking college in the United States after topping the rankings in both these categories.

All these factors contributed to Princeton's poor showing in the dating category. The survey placed the University in the bottom 20 percent.

Though the University scored high in safety, school spirit and wired technology, Princeton received an overall place of 193 after receiving mediocre rankings in the the hookup and attractiveness categories as well as scoring low for dining hall food and placing nearly last for quality of parking.


Students will be happy to know that Princeton defeated both University of Pennsylvania and nearby Rutgers University. Rutgers placed 298th while Penn was 304th.

Rutgers' hookup factor was only one-half point higher than Princeton's rating.

Nevertheless, Princeton again lost to academic rivals Harvard University and the California Institute of Technology as it has in past rankings, which will not be mentioned because the wounds have yet to heal.

Though Cal Tech only received a 3.00 hookup factor and a 2.00 dating score, the school still finished 134th. Harvard was 99.

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"I think it's pretty accurate," Jeremy Rosen '01 said. "From reports of my friends at state schools, there seems to be a lot more random sex on their campuses."