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Fitness center flexes its muscles

Jeff Vogel '01: "It's a short period of time to work as many muscles as possible. Usually it takes a long time to work all the different muscles, and I have to go to classes and do work. Efficiency is very important.

They didn't add new benches, so the amount of time hasn't been cut down. For a lot of the guys who typically come down, it hasn't changed at all.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I usually alternate, some days upper body, back, abs. Classes are usually in the morning, and I also have three different jobs: computer help desk assistant, I work in the engineering library and I make Web pages for professors. I've done the sociology department and the Office of Population Research.

How did I come up with this exercise? Creatively. My friends and I just screw around, and this seemed to work the best. You start in a crunch, with your weight right behind your head. It's a little more tiring, but it gets the job done."