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Coming home

"I had a breakdown Sunday night because I was ready to go back [to London]. It seems insular here at Princeton."

"The theater in London is cheaper than renting a movie, and four of the seven plays we read in my Shakespeare class at University College showed in the theater. I was even able to speak with the actors while they were in the foyer of the theater."


"The majority of my academic work involved reading plays and biographies of the authors. We spent more time in private tutorials in London than we do in precepts at Princeton, giving me more personal engagement with the texts." Pepper Binkley '01

"I studied at University College in London. I feel like I've missed a lot, but since I've done this for two years, adjusting shouldn't be too difficult."

"It's kind of strange to be back after being gone for eight months. It was a lot different being in a city as large and cosmopolitan as London. Although I lived in a freshman dorm, there was a pub in the basement [of my dorm]. I spent a lot of time there. I'll miss the convenience of it. It's a whole different drinking culture, much more accepted. But they are a little more responsible about drinking."

"I definitely think I would like to live abroad. You get a better perspective of the world. The English education is a lot more independent. It's strange they have very general survey courses. I'm looking forward to having more specific lectures."

"The trade off of losing one semester [abroad] to experience so much is definitely worth it."

"I didn't really experience any culture shock. The American influence is everywhere. There was a McDonald's right down the street." Jeremy Rosen '01


"I'm so happy to be back. It's sort of weird. I've been away for 8 months. I had a great time in Russia, but I'm glad to be back."

"The weather here is not that great but I can't wait to graduate. It's nice to have my own room."

"I'm glad I didn't have finals. That was nice. We really cleaned up in here. It was such a mess when we got here. There were empty mayonnaise jars. So gross. But we cleaned it up." Mikhael Miller '00

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