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Class of '77 offers jobs to sophomores

As application deadlines for summer internships approach and students rush to make appointments at Career Services, sophomores are getting a head start on the job search with the help of their "parent" alumni class, the Class of 1977.

Class of 1977 president Linda Knights — working in cooperation with sophomore class officers — has compiled a list of summer internships being offered by her classmates exclusively to members of the Class of 2002.


Descriptions of the available internships are posted on the Class of 2002 Webpage. Sophomores can select the jobs that interest them and send their resumes to Knights, who will send the information to the classmate who has offered the position.

The 14 positions currently available range from a job at an advertising agency in New Jersey to one at an architectural firm in California. Most of them offer some monetary return, according to Knights. "It's been really interesting to see the variety of offerings," she said. "They're also geographically diverse. Not everything is in New York City."

Knights wrote a letter to her classmates in November and said she expects to to hear about more internship opportunities in the next few weeks. "They're still coming in. It's something that can be ongoing."

"I was eager for our class to be able to provide a service," Knights said, adding that some of her classmates who offered internships participated in a similar program with the Class of 1952, their parent class, when they were undergraduates.

Class "generations" span 25 years, with a parent class graduating 25 years and a grandparent class 50 years before the family's "child."

"It's really one more linkage program among Princetonians that benefits us all and goes to show that when you graduate that's not the end of the wonderful benefits of Princeton," Knights added.


Shopsin said he is optimistic about the program's future. "I think this is the first step, and I'm very hopeful that it will be a successful step. I'm sure it will be."

The sophomore class already has had contact with its grandparent Class of 1952 through a lecture series arranged by Class of 1952 president Roger McLean and Joseph Handelman '52

Because most members of that class have retired, however, the Class of 1977 was better suited for the role of providing internships, Shopsin said.

Knights said her classmates stand to benefit by offering the internships as much as the sophomores who take them. "They are giving us something, too — a chance to know an undergraduate and, in a more practical sense, an eager and very able summer worker," she said.

"You can't really beat a Princeton student if you're looking for a summer intern."

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