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Sophomores pay Colonial $500 to secure position in early sign-ins

Adding another twist to the saga over what is to become of Colonial Club, some sophomores are committing financially to the club this month to secure early membership prior to sign-in week.

Nearly 50 students have paid or made arrangements to pay the $500 spring fees in exchange for guaranteed membership, according to one sophomore who will join the club but asked not to be named.


Despite the large number of sophomores committing to the club before sign-in week, newly elected Colonial president Melissa Waage '01 said the club still will have regular sign-ins.

Even though the early commitment process effectively bypasses the usual sign-in procedures, ICC president Will Staples '00 noted that Colonial does not need to consult the council to change its own sign-in process.

'Act cohesively'

"Colonial wouldn't have to get approval," Staples said. "The president of Colonial's graduate board has been to an ICC meeting and would like our support. It is important that the clubs act cohesively."

Though the initial number of students committing to the club is slightly fewer than expected, many students are excited about joining the club. "Yes, I am joining Colonial," said Jeff Mah '02. "Basically, a lot of my friends were involved in the deal. It would be a group of people that I would want to have my meals with."

According to one sophomore involved in the discussion, the spring fees are required by Jan. 29 to secure membership before regular sign-ins. "There was a $500 spring fee due up front by the 29th," Mah said. "It was difficult to arrange for the money right after Christmas, but everyone on the grad board has been very helpful."

Eric Sharret '02 echoed positive sentiments about the plan. "I think it is a great opportunity to be with my friends and open up the 'Street,' " he said. "The money isn't a problem because it goes toward spring dues. We would have to pay in a month anyway."