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45 sophomores sign-in to Colonial Club; officers remain positive despite low turnout

The sophomore takeover of Colonial Club that has been in the works for months failed to materialize last night when only 45 sophomores joined the eating club.

Several of the sophomores who organized the potential takeover once claimed to have contacted more than 100 sophomores who planned to sign-in to Colonial. Many of the sophomores involved, however, chose not to join Colonial - deciding to bicker or sign-in at other clubs - speculated one of the sophomore coordinators.


Of the new members, approximately 30 students committed to Colonial last weekend by paying or making arrangements to pay a $500 deposit that would secure them a place in the club. Fifteen sophomores joined Colonial last night during the regular sign-in session.

"Forty-five is a slightly smaller number than we were expecting, but I don't think that is necessarily bad," Colonial member Stephen Edwards '01 said.

ICC Advisor Marty Crotty '98 said he also expects Colonial to attract a large number of students for second round sign-ins.

"The clubs that didn't fill up completely will benefit from the overflow of those who bicker. I urge everyone who doesn't succeed in bicker to take a good look at sign-ins," he said.

Colonial president Melissa Waage '01 agreed, saying she remains optimistic about the club's future.

"We're not concerned," she said. "We're expecting a very large turnout in the second round of sign-ins to supplement the new 45 members."


"We will definitely stay open," she added.

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