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Pilfers to complete four-band schedule for Spring Concert

They may not end up stealing the show, but the Pilfers have been tapped to round out the four-band set for this year's Spring Concert.

God Street Wine, Clowns for Progress and now the Pilfers will open a show headlined by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.


The four improbably named bands will together make for a three-and-a-half hour concert.

"We thought that a package show was a great way to reach a broad spectrum of students," said USG president David Ascher '99. "You're never going to make everyone happy, but this way you're going to see at least someone that you like."

USG social chair Jeff Leven '00 said he will publish a list of the projected times at which each of the bands will perform as the Spring Concert date approaches. This way, students can choose which bands they see.

Ascher said, however, that students will probably not be allowed re-admittance to the show should they decide, for instance, that they want to see the first and last bands, but not the middle two.

Distinctive sound

Randy Nichols, the Pilfers' booking agent, said the year-old band has a distinctive sound that has enticed some of the better-known ska bands to allow the Pilfers to open for them. "There's no band that really sounds like these guys," Nichols said.

Nichols explained that the group's lead singer, Coolie Ranx, is the distinguishing feature of the group.


"He was originally in a band called the Toasters, which is a real major underground ska band," Nichols said. Ranx, who has roots in both England and Jamaica, brings together a slew of musical influences in his singing style.

The other key member of the group, Nichols said, is the trombonist, Vinny Nobile. Nobile was a longtime member of the ska band Bim Skala Bim.

'Shopping around'

Nichols said the band has produced a self-titled record, though it is not being sold by a label because the band is still "shopping around." Instead, the CD is available only at the band's concerts and through their Web page,

"In the past few months, they've sold 3,000 CDs," Nichols said.

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In February, the band toured with Reel Big Fish, and it will be periodically joining the Bosstones throughout April.

According to the Pilfers' Website, seeing the band live is quite an experience.

"Pilfers bring you Elevation," the site says. "Experience it at the show, and use it to rise above your prejudice, hatred, circumstance and ignorance. Elevate your mind, body and soul with the sound of the Pilfers."

The Pilfers will be coming to the University in a package deal with the Bosstones. Those two bands, together with Clowns for Progress, will cost the USG $37,500 while God Street Wine will cost $5,000.