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USG voices concern over pedestrian safety at crosswalks

Every physics major or athlete who has crossed Washington Road after dark knows it helps to have a bicycle. But few of them know about the state law governing bicycle use on overpasses.

The USG and Public Safety are focusing on bicyclists as part of their larger plan to increase pedestrian safety on pathways, such as the one that crosses Washington Road near Jadwin Gymnasium.


"One of the main problems is that bikers are not dismounting their bikes while crossing pedestrian walkways, as required by New Jersey State Law," said USG vice president Spencer Merriweather '00.

The USG is responding to its perception that students are obviously unaware of the law. "The USG has the responsibility to students to inform them that they are endangering themselves and breaking the law," Merriweather said.

"We are trying to discuss ways, with Public Safety, to get the word out to students before Borough Township starts strictly enforcing this law," he said.

USG measures

Merriweather and Brad Saft '00, chair of the USG committee on campus and community affairs, said proposals include posting signs along Washington Road. These signs would warn cyclists of the dangers and remind students to dismount before crossing the street.

"Nothing is definite but a lot of things are being discussed," Merriweather said.

According to other students, the law is not the only reason bikers need to be more careful. Bicyclists could be endangering themselves and fellow students if they ride carelessly.


"I was heading to practice the other day, and some guy on a bike came speeding by without looking, and almost knocked me over," Jyotsna Vasisht '00 said.

Saft said the problem centers on athletes and students leaving Jadwin Gymnasium or the Physics building late at night and not paying attention to traffic in their hurry to get home.

"Right now, it is a very dangerous situation. We are really concerned about that very serious accident that could happen if we do not take action now," Saft said.

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