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U-Council presents budget for new community center

More than a year after Professor Burton Malkiel's Charter Day announcement of the construction of a new community service center, President Shapiro announced yesterday that the University has obtained more than half of the funds needed for such a center.

At yesterday's U-Council meeting, Shapiro said the physical and operational budgets of the community service center would total between $7 million and $8 million. Despite Malkiel's initial indication that a new community service center building might be constructed, the new Frist Campus Center will house the community service center.


"We're well over the halfway to that at this stage. We're between $4 and $5 million," Shapiro said.

Dean of Student Life Janina Montero, who spearheads the community service center project, presented a review of service center discussions she has had over the past semester.


"Students were willing to engage in specifics," Montero said. "I must admit there was a delay in the University getting back with specifics."

Montero said students indicated a desire to maintain the "grassroots" quality of community service. Therefore, the center should not include a large bureaucracy to administer community service, Montero said.

The new center will include resources for community service, a library and internship and service opportunities, Montero said.

In addition, the center will provide the support and tools needed for faculty to incorporate service into course curricula. "The center will be a catalyst for development of new opportunities for classes," Montero said.


A dozen members of community service organizations attended yesterday's meeting to ask Montero about current plans.

Student Volunteers Council director Eleanor Harrison '92 asked if any funds raised for the center would be diverted into the SVC or Community House accounts. President Shapiro said it is too early in the development of the center to know exactly how funds will be used.

University relations director Monica Divakaruni '99 said many of the administrative tasks currently handled by SVC should be handled by the staff of the new community service center. Divakaruni also asked for new SVC cars.

Teaching and learning center

Associate Provost Georgia Nugent '73 said she has been garnering student and faculty opinion on the Harold W. McGraw Jr. Center for Teaching and Learning.

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Nugent said although the teaching and learning center will not be officially established until the Frist Campus Center is completed, several teaching and learning initiatives are ongoing.

She announced the formation of a "faculty seminar" next year to discuss pedagogical issues. The seminar will produce a course for undergraduates in the academic year 1999-2000, according to Nugent.

After a brief discussion on grading led by Dean of the College Nancy Malkiel, the U-Council approved a USG resolution to include students in all future discussions about grading patterns and to work toward the broader goal of using grades to improve education.


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