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Spring Concert to showcase Bosstones, God Street Wine

Though the impression many people got was that the Mighty Mighty Bosstones would be the only major band performing at this year's Spring Concert, the USG announced yesterday that, in addition to the Bosstones, God Street Wine, another band from the Mercury Records Label, has also been booked to play the event.

USG social chair Jeff Leven '00, who is in charge of booking the bands, said he was excited about the upcoming concert. "When I was campaigning, I talked to lots of students about the idea of doing a package show, and it was always very well-received," he said.


The concert, scheduled to take place in Dillon Gym April 17, will also feature, in addition to the Bosstones and GSW, Clowns for Progress, a punk/soul group, and one other band that has not yet been announced, according to a USG press release.

Leven said the USG did a "good job negotiating" for the bands. "Believe it or not, the bands together, including sound, lights and a security barricade, are only costing us $42,250. That's quite a deal," he said.

The Spring Concert tickets will go on sale "a week or two before the concert," according to Leven. They will be $10 each, and each student will be able to buy two after showing a University ID, he said.

"I'm pretty serious about getting the concert schedule out as soon as we know the exact times," Leven said. "If people just want to see GSW, I want them to know what time to get to the concert."


The Bosstones, known for their "ska-core" brand of music, are currently touring to promote their most recent album, "Let's Face It." At the Spring Concert, they will be the headline band and will probably play between 10 pm and 11 pm, according to Leven.

"These guys are a lot of fun live. They have a dancer whose sole job is to get the crowd going, and they're also great musicians. It's pure party music ?fast, catchy and loud," Leven said.

God Street Wine


GSW was formed as a Manhattan bar band in 1988, according to a Mercury Records press release. The band has earned national attention with the success of its most recent album, "God Street Wine."

"We wanted this album to feel like 12 naked people on the Cross Bronx Expressway, with that sort of excitement, fun and passion," vocalist/guitarist Lo Faber said in a press release.

GSW management official Brad Navan said the band was enthusiastic about the upcoming concert. "We had gotten a bunch of offers for that date, but (Princeton) looked like a cool gig, getting to play before the Bosstones," Navan said.

Navan explained that GSW enjoys New Jersey concerts. "Historically, the band's done well in New Jersey. They are originally from New York so they have a good fan base there," Navan said. "We can't wait to jam with (the Bosstones)."

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Leven said he is excited about the bands that will be playing. "We wanted this show to appeal to as many people as possible, and that meant getting more than one group so that fans of different styles could be better accommodated."

"Why settle for one good band when you can get two?" Leven said.