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REP to continue programs on sex, alcohol education

Continuing in the tradition of "Sex on a Saturday Night," the University's Residential Education Program now organizes events for freshmen and other members of the residential colleges throughout the year.

Until now, the end of freshman week signaled the end of such events.


The REP Committee decided this year, however, that "one of the major challenges for the REP was to spread things out so that everything wasn't at the beginning of the year," said committee co-chair Carol Porter, Director of Studies in Rockefeller College.

One of those activities was the show Sunday night.

The Naked Truth

Directed by Jen Buchanan '98, "The Naked Truth: Beer, Bodies, and the Nude Olympics" addressed a number of campus social issues. "It was attempting to talk about eating concerns, about body image, drinking" and other issues, said co-chair of the committee, Assistant Dean of Student Life, Sandy Silverman.

Buchanan said she "thought it was really successful in content," and added that she felt it "addressed each of the issues without being preachy."

The show illustrated one problem that the REP Committee may face: attendance.

"The turnout wasn't so great, which was probably to be expected because it's so late in the year," Buchanan said.


Porter also said she found the attendance "disappointing" and attributed it to the fact that the show was "a new event in the middle of 10,000 other things going on at the same time." While the entire freshman class was invited, Buchanan estimated that 250 and 180 students, respectively, attended the two performances held Sunday night.

Those who saw the show, however, said they felt it was worth their time.

Jenny Yeh '01 said "it addressed issues that most other plays would shirk away from," adding that the show was "up front" and "in your face."

Porter said, "The kids did a really good job."

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The show was part of a plan to make orientation week less busy for students. Silverman described it as a "three tier" plan.

Elements of plan

The first element of the plan involves five "baseline programs," Silverman said. These are educational presentations on topics including sexuality, alcohol and diversity. The first two of these shows, "Sex on a Saturday Night" and "Reflections on Diversity," were presented at the beginning of the year to the freshman class.

In the future, three other shows will be spread out over the rest of the year. Silverman said one of these will likely occur on Gay Jeans Day and focus on issues of sexuality. Another will deal with sex and sexual health. REP will also continue to perform "The Naked Truth: Beer, Bodies and the Nude Olympics" as part of next year's program list.

Silverman called the second element of the plan "order-ins." She explained that RAs and MAAs will be given a list of possible presentations, from which they can pick several over the course of the year, based on what the RAs and MAAs perceive to be the needs of their advisees.

The third element of the plan will be "adviser-initiated events," according to Silverman. These would be less formal activities including bowling and theater outings.


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