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NCAA basketball tournament

Regardless of how the men's basketball team fares in this year's NCAA tournament, it truly has been a season to remember. We have catapulted from everyone's favorite underdog to a frequent topic of conversation on national sports programs and a haven for frenzied, orange-clad fans. And one need look no further than the haggard collection of Tiger lovers camped outside Jadwin Gym for 48 hours this weekend to see just one more example of how far we've come.

The Jadwin scene was an open display of fan adoration like none the University has ever seen: Students bundled to brave the elements, sleeping in pup tents and on sofas, playing video games and one-on-one basketball – all for the opportunity to purchase NCAA tournament tickets. They didn't know when or where the first-round game would be, but it was worth waiting from Friday night until yesterday evening just for the chance to be in on the action.


As our fans go to Hartford, let's not forget this weekend's unprecedented show of support and the multitude of people who helped make it happen. Thanks to the University for not only allowing students to camp out for their tickets, but also for making their wait a comfortable one by providing bagels, coffee, hot chocolate and, in one special instance, cable TV when they needed it most. With the University's help, Carmodyville became another chapter in an already unforgettable season.