Thursday, January 27

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Carril to return as assistant coach of m. hoops after two years in NBA

Former men's basketball coach Pete Carril, who left the Tigers after the 1995-96 season, will be returning to the team for the 1998-99 season. Carril, who has been serving as an assistant coach for the NBA's Sacramento Kings since leaving Princeton, will serve as an assistant to current head coach Bill Carmody.

After watching the Tigers compete in the NCAA tournament, Carril came to the conclusion that the Princeton basketball team was a "part of (his) blood," and he would like to return to the team if both the players and Carmody agreed.


"I've followed the team pretty closely since I retired, and I saw on ESPN earlier this season that we had 10 dunks – that's way too many," Carril said. "And at one point we tried an alley-oop? When an alley-oop is worth three points, that's when you try alley-oops."

No players were available for comment last night, but Carmody said, "I'm glad to have him back, but this time, I'm in charge. I don't even sit in the last chair anyway, so he's welcome to it."

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