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University-'Street' relations: Strange bedfellows?

We commend the increased level of communication between the University and eating clubs apparent in the Standing Committee on the Status of Women's commitment to a "safe, healthy atmosphere" on the 'Street' during Bicker week. Looking out for the interests of women is especially important during the Bicker process, and a University/eating club collaboration on this issue is the best way to achieve those ends.

The committee's initiative is particularly well-conceived because of its attempt to prevent inappropriate or uncomfortable Bicker interactions before they occur. The committee's success demonstrates how potentially productive an improved relationship between the University and eating clubs could be.


The standing committee's efforts, however, reveal only one aspect of a tenuous link between the University and Prospect Avenue. Ideally, that relationship should continue to be a proactive collaboration rather than a retroactive attempt to intervene in club affairs. It is time to clearly define what that relationship is.