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s draw 442; Cloister leads pack

Sign Ins

Campus 82* Charter 77 Cloister 92** Colonial 53 Quad 55 Terrace 83 * Club is full, no wait-list ** Wait-list, 22

Each of the six sign-in clubs posted relatively strong results last night as 442 sophomores flocked to non-selective clubs. This marked the first year of the Open Club Council's new system designed to unify the sign-in clubs.


Campus Club and Cloister Inn were the only two clubs to fill with 82 joining Campus and 114 students signing-in at Cloister, 22 of whom were wait-listed. Eighty-three sophomores opted for Terrace Club, 77 signed-in at Charter Club, 55 joined Quadrangle Club and 53 chose Colonial Club. Those clubs will hold second-round sign-ins on Saturday.

"I'm happy for the sign-in clubs," said Inter-Club Council advisor Mike Jackman '92. "Even the ones that didn't fill got a good portion. No one club is going to come out of here thinking 'Gosh, we're in trouble.' "

Among bicker clubs, Tower reported 120 bickerees and Cottage said that 115 came out for their afternoon sessions yesterday. Numbers for Cap and Gown Club, Tiger Inn and Ivy Club were unavailable late last night. DEC vice president Justin Kuczmarski '99 said he was not sure exactly how many snickered his club.

After weeks of dormancy induced by both finals and intersession, the start of bicker and sign-ins week brought the 'Street' back to life. Clubs were in full force by mid-afternoon yesterday with the bicker clubs hosting sessions all day long.

The sign-in clubs, meanwhile, held generally more low-key welcoming parties last night after having rounded up new members in their rooms earlier in the evening.

Drinking games

The scene at Tiger Inn was a great spectacle yesterday. A giant plastic tarp covered the building's front facade and bickerees performed all manners of drinking games in the front yard. On the tarp, the words "Ivy Sucks" and "Cottage Isn't Good Either" were scrawled in various colors of ink.


From their perch on the club's front wall, off-duty bickerers watched as their fellow members doused bickerees in a combination of whipped cream, beer and ketchup.

"We like to know what's inside our bickerees," said Tiger Inn bickerer Matt Morris '98 as he gazed at the pools of vomit scattered throughout the club's front yard. "You can interpret that however you want."

The sign-in clubs will also be holding festivities throughout the week for those sophomores who have already become members.


Despite the new system of unified, early sign-ins, most club officers said yesterday represented business as usual. That sentiment was borne out in the percentage of the Class of 2000 to sign-in: 39.4 percent of sophomores chose to sign-in to a club in the first round this year while 37.8 percent did last year.

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The purpose of the sign-in schedule change, according to Jackman, was to foster stronger cohesion among members of the sign-in clubs by allowing them an entire week for members-only events.

The one potential problem, according to Colonial president Jae Park '99, will come for the clubs that do not fill up in the first round and that will need to attract members for Saturday's second round.

"The one thing that makes it different is the decision whether to make (club events) very exclusive or to open them up, and that really depends on how the club does," Park said.