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Freshman Fox excels for women's hockey

Women's hockey owes a good bit of its offensive strength to the former players of Little Caesar's club hockey team in Michigan. Sophomore center Danya Marshman is a prime example.

This year, however, there is another Michigan native who has joined Marshman in Princeton's lineup – a pairing that has already proven successful.


Back in high school, Marshman and freshman Abbey Fox helped the Little Caesar's team to capture four state championship titles.

"(In Michigan) Abbey and I hit it off immediately," Marshman said. "We had the same desire, the same fire underneath us."

Like father

Growing up in Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich., Fox has always been close to the game. When her father moved to Michigan years ago, he decided to pick up a stick, lace up his skates and try his luck on the ice. After falling in love with the game, he quickly got his children involved in it.

Fox, as well as her sister and both her brothers, started early. Determined to play hockey at any cost, Fox has played on boys' teams since she was five years old.

As former teammates united once again here at Princeton, Fox and Marshman make a strong front line for the Tigers.

"I see the same style (she had in Michigan) coming out in her play at Princeton," Marshman said. "Our similarities help us now that we are on the same line. We are so comfortable together."


The freshman right wing has brought more than just another talented player to the team, however. Along with her impressive skills comes an aggressive style of play and speed, which makes her presence on the ice even stronger.

Wrecking crew

"She's a tenacious forechecker and causes a lot of havoc on the ice," head coach Jeff Kampersal '92 said. "She is deceptively quick."

"Abbey has incredible explosiveness and speed," Marshman said.

Much of her power came as a combination of her intense training this summer as well as her determination once the season got underway.

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"She came in and surprised me (with her strength)," Kampersal said.

"She came in in-shape (this fall)," added Marshman. "She's been working so hard from the moment she got here."

Despite her abilities, Fox is quite humble on the ice, placing the team's goals well ahead of her own. Even though she is a front-line player, often her importance is not displayed by the goals she scores, but rather through her teamwork.

Another way

"Goals are great, but I like getting assists better," Fox said. "I know you can't score in every game, but you can check and hustle a lot."

"She is a good team player," Kampersal said. "Her job is to forecheck and play hard."

"She wants to do it (play hard) not for herself, but for her team," Marshman said.

But the team has given back to Fox as well.

"I think that playing hockey has helped me make the adjustment to college," Fox said. "It is something that I can fall back on if school is stressing me out."