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Bosstones to play P-Party; contract remains uncertain

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones will be knocking on the wooden floors of Dillon Gym this April for the University's annual P-Party, the band's booking agency said yesterday.

Although the USG would not confirm the contract with the Bosstones, a ska-core band that has gained fame recently for its single "The Impression That I Get," the booking agency, Monterey Peninsula Artists, said the band would play in Dillon April 17.


"In this business, nothing is ever final until a contract is signed," said USG social chair Jeff Leven '00, who has the responsibility of getting a band for the annual spring concert. "We have a legal obligation not to disclose the details of our negotiations with any band until they are completed."

Leven also said there was a possibility that this year's P-Party will not be a one-act gig. "We're still looking at a number of possibilities," Leven added. "A combination of two or more great acts is not out of the question."


The Daily Pennsylvanian reported Friday that the Bosstones had been close to signing a deal with the University of Pennsylvania to play at their Spring Fling. However, the band backed out because it was scheduled to play Princeton on the same weekend. The Bosstones will be playing at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the day after it plays at Princeton, the booking agency said.

In the Pennsylvanian's article, Allison Rosen, a Penn senior who co-directs the school's concerts committee, said the band's agents had chosen Princeton over Penn. "We were in the fray with a lot of other schools and a lot of different venues," Rosen was quoted as saying.

Yesterday, however, Rosen would not confirm that Princeton had been chosen. "They just told me that they're not coming here," Rosen said. She would not discuss details of her negotiations with the band, but said Penn had made an offer of "over 50 grand" to get the Bosstones.

A 'PST favorite

The Bosstones, whose songs are played frequently on 97.5 WPST, is a band of eight that has roots in Boston. Though it has been around since the release of its first album "Devil's Night Out" eight years ago, the Bosstones has only recently achieved national celebrity with its fifth album, "Let's Face It." In addition to "The Impression That I Get," this latest effort includes the songs "Numbered Days" and "1-2-8."


According to the band's Mercury Records Web site, the album represents "a high watermark in the evolution of ska-rock fusion." Ska, a hybrid of Caribbean rhythms and jazz, is a music style that originated in Jamaica during the late 1960s and has been particularly popular in America during the 1990s.

With its visit to Princeton, the Bosstones will be following in the footsteps of acts such as George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars, James Brown, and, most recently this fall, the Wallflowers.

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