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Urvashi Uberoy


Beyond CPS and SHARE: Mental health at Princeton

Although Princeton currently has great resources such as the Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education office and Counseling and Psychological Services, improvements still need to be made in terms of spreading awareness and investing more in these resources. In addition to these, there are also resources like Princeton Peer Nightline — a peer listening service — that could benefit from having more depth, particularly in terms of how much they can to do help in a crisis situation.

Existing elitism: The pass/list system

While it makes sense that the members should have a say in who gets to enter their club, the pass/list system is a prime example of the prevailing elitism on campus. 

The dangers of the Orange Bubble

We refer to Princeton as the Orange Bubble, but it’s more than that. A bubble implies transparency, allowing its occupants to view, if not inhabit, the outside world. But Princeton is more pervasive and concrete than just a bubble.