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The Sexpert


Sexpert: missing birth control pills


Hi Sexpert, I’ve been on birth control the past two weeks, and being new to it, I’ve either missed a day or taken them hours late numerous times. I’ve had unprotected/no-pull-out sex about five times this week, including today, which was my original ovulation day (before I started BC). Am I at risk for pregnancy? — Forgetful

Sexpert: Dry and Dissatisfied


Dear Sexpert, Hi, I don't get much lubrication in my vagina when I’m having sex, is there any food or drink to help get wetter? Best, Dry and Dissatisfied

Sexpert: Lackluster lover


Dear Sexpert, I have been dating my girlfriend for about 3 months now. Recently, I’ve noticed that after we have sex, and I’ve seemingly fallen “asleep,” she sometimes reaches in her backpack for her vibrator. The mechanic hum isn’t what keeps me up, but the embarrassment from the fact that sex with me isn’t enough for her. I really care about her, but I don’t know how to confront her about this. What do you think I should do?  Sincerely,  Lackluster Lover 

Ask the Sexpert: Tear Preventer


Dear Sexpert, Can I use micellar water or v-wash as anal lubricant (since it should be water-based)? What can I use apart from expensive lubes? Sincerely, Tear Preventer 

Sexpert: Manscaping


I’ve heard a lot about “manscaping.” What is this and should I be doing it?  - Lookin’ Hairy

Sexpert: Princeton Plays


In this edition of the Ask the Sexpert Column, we’ll be the ones asking the questions. On Dec. 1, we had the privilege of interviewing Jaspreet Kalsi ’20 , board member and co-founder of the student group Princeton Plays, the only kink and BDSM community on campus. 

Sexpert: Insemin-Afraid

Dear Sexpert, My boyfriend and I have been have been having sex pretty regularly recently.

Sexpert: Women and Porn

Dear Sexpert, I recently started watching porn while masturbating and have found that I really enjoy it.