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The Sexpert


Sexpert: Princeton Plays


In this edition of the Ask the Sexpert Column, we’ll be the ones asking the questions. On Dec. 1, we had the privilege of interviewing Jaspreet Kalsi ’20 , board member and co-founder of the student group Princeton Plays, the only kink and BDSM community on campus. 

Sexpert: Insemin-Afraid

Dear Sexpert, My boyfriend and I have been have been having sex pretty regularly recently.

Sexpert: Women and Porn

Dear Sexpert, I recently started watching porn while masturbating and have found that I really enjoy it.

Ask the Sexpert: Birth Control

Dear Sexpert, I am currently taking birth control because I am sexually active, and the pill has been my contraceptive of choice since I started.

Ask the Sexpert: Pubic Hair

Dear Sexpert, I normally let my pubic hair grow naturally and give it a trim every now and then. But lately, I’ve been thinking about getting it all removed. When I talked to my friends about it, we couldn’t decide on the best hair removal process. Is it better to wax or shave down there? Are there any drawbacks to removing the hair?

Ask the Sexpert: Pap Smear

Dear Sexpert, My best friend just went in to McCosh for her routine Pap smear. Is this is something that I might need to get as well?

Ask the Sexpert: Prevention

Dear Sexpert, I was hoping you could provide some clarity regarding reproductive health. Princeton is far from my hometown, so I don’t know how often I’ll be able to visit my gynecologist anymore… and I know I’m getting to the age where I should be getting things like pap smears and other screenings regularly.