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Sreesha Ghosh


Princeton's afterlife


Princeton is no stranger to pop culture—from serious literature to comedy television, from admiration to derisive dismissal, references to the university run amok.

Men's soccer falls short in double-overtime, draws 1–1 with Brown

Playing against the Brown Bears (1–6–2 overall, 0–1–1 Ivy League) in Providence, R.I. this Saturday, men’s soccer (6–3–1, 0–1–1) faced 110 minutes of adversity. They conceded a 13th-minute goal to the lower-ranked Bears, earned four yellow cards in the span of 18 minutes, lost two starters — one to a red card, the other to injury — and suffered through an excruciating double overtime. In all, even senior forward Danny Hampton’s 87th-minute goal was not enough to energize the Tigers; the game ended in a 1–1 draw. 

Dazed, confused, and mildly inept


Not only does Princeton have a club for almost any extracurricular you can dream up, almost half of these clubs concern sports or performance arts almost none of us has tried before. So, whether you’re looking to diversify from the extracurriculars you did at high school, trying to find a squad, or have no idea where to start, here’s a (far too) brief list of some of the hidden gems you can find on campus.