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Newby Parton


Inequality is not politics

In today’s editorial, the Majority argues against a proposal that would require students to “take at least one course with international content and one course that explores the intersections of culture, identity, and power.” I too come down against the proposal in its current form, but I disagree sharply with the Majority's reasoning.

Dean’s Date, and the magic of Princeton

When a friend of mine from Israel traveled to Berlin for vacation, she mailed me a postcard. The cover, a stock photograph of Brandenburg Gate, was pretty, but she uploads her own professional quality photographs to Facebook often.

Proxing in: Leaving privacy at the door

What if I told you that the University is tracking your every move? It knows whether or not you’re skipping breakfast, which dorm you visit to see a partner, whether you go back to your own room for the night and, if you do, the exact time you get there.If students twenty years ago were asked to turn this information over, they surely would have refused.

On freedom of expression

In this column, I argue that freedom of expression is a good and worthwhile thing. It is an uncontroversial stance on the face of it, for our country guarantees the freedom in its Constitution.

The present role of race in admissions

A Sept. 23 report from the Princeton University Office of Communications states that a review by the Office of Civil Rights “has been concluded with a determination that the University did not discriminate against Asian applicants on the basis of race or national origin.”This is almost, but not precisely, what the OCR found.

A logic error by the socially liberal: Rachel Dolezal

One woman, two reporters and a slow news week was the right mix to turn the scandal surrounding Rachel Dolezal, former president of the Spokane, Wash., NAACP, into a national media sensation.You don’t want to hear about her again, and listen, I don’t want to be talking about her three months after we all abandoned her story for newer and shinier outrages.