Max Grear


Letter to admitted students

I was motivated to write this letter because I wanted to talk about ambivalence. Ambivalence will serve you well no matter where you go, but particularly around here. I have often found it extremely difficult at Princeton to untangle the good from the bad.

Grad students: Vote yes to prison divest

This week, graduate students will have the opportunity to express support for the campaign to divest from private prisons and detention centers. The issue of private prison divestment will appear as a referendum question in the Graduate Student Government election, and a “Yes to Divest” majority would be pivotal as PPPD’s campaign continues to build momentum. Voting begins tomorrow, Feb. 23 and ends on Mar. 1.

Princeton’s ugly history lives on in its investments

This column is the first part in a series focusing on a student campaign for private prison divestment as a lens for examining questions regarding historical and present injustice, institutional responsibility and accountability, and mechanisms of change.

Dear administration: protect undocumented people now or change motto

There is no debating it: we are in a time of crisis, and complacency is deadly. This moment, more than any other we can remember, requires immediate action “in the nation’s service and the service of humanity.” Students can sign the DREAM Team’s petition calling on the University to protect undocumented people, and participate in the walk-out and gathering in front of Nassau Hall happening today (Thursday, November 17). Administrators, meanwhile, should also make good on the promise of the University’s motto by implementing the DREAM Team’s recommendations outlined below and in the online petition.

Collective responsibility

There was a time when progressive-minded people had the luxury of worrying that our leaders wouldn’t fulfill their promises.

Safe and comfortable housing for everyone

“When I think about how much housing has impacted my experiences here in ways that others have not had to deal with, it just reminds me that this space wasn’t intended for a student like me.

Dispelling misconceptions about grad student unions

It’s an exciting time for graduate student labor. Recently, the National Labor Relations Board decided to grant the right to unionize to students who work as teaching and research assistants at private universities.